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3/13/05 09:15 pm - tyler_stuart - OOC

There was a party at Tyler's place of Friday. Feel free to post about it!

2/13/05 09:31 pm - alex_anakerov - ooc-ness

any and all who came to the party he threw...Collapse )

2/8/05 12:39 pm - _seejanerun_

Name: Jane Isabell Izzari

Age: 21

Originally from: Liverpool. I lived there until I was fifteen when my parents and I moved to Sicily. Now I'm back and going to college in Angelus.

Home: Dormroom. I dont know what I'm going to do once summer comes.

Sexuality: Lesbian

Marital Status: No one special at the moment.

Hobbies and Interests: College. Anyone who says that college isnt a hobby if fooling themselves.

Likes: I like American music. I like TV. I like photography. I like makeup. I like cigarettes. I like scotch. I like lists and the number three. I like Italian. I like rasberries and Godiva chocolate. I like piercings and tattoos. I like my hair.

Dislikes: I hate loud people. I hate diet pepsi. I hate Chrisianity. I hate telephones. I hate bottled water. I hate tape and the number eight. I hate musicals and hickeys.

1/29/05 10:38 pm - bobo_specks

oocCollapse )

1/28/05 07:22 am - terrify_jersey - Jersey Terror!! RARAHRA!!

Name: Patrick Connor Lewis! Or Patches/Jersey/Terror. Or Jersey Patches.

Age: 18!!

Originally from: England, or New Jersey. It depends who you ask.

Family: Mom lives in England, Dad lives in America, Brother and Sister go to college in/around England (Joey and Andrea). I don't see annny of them that much, but that's just how my family is. We were never close. Holla.

Home: Soho district rahrahrah I live with my friend haha. Shut the hell up. We suck. I use to live with my Mom, a lifetime ago. Sometimes I still go see her, but nowadays I don't see much of her. I go to see my Dad sometimes, just because I wanna go see people in the states that I know. I go and see Joey/Andrea sometimes when I have nothing better to do haha. That was probably supposed to go in Family.

Sexuality: I haven't dated in forever. I move around too much. America, England, England, America.

Marital Status: Single, duh. That's what "haven't dated in forever," means.

Hobbies and Interests: Sleeping, watching good movies, drums, I use to love Math, reading if I have enough concentration to read whats on the page, pictures, music is pretty cool considering I live next to a really annoying really loud club, and because I use to live in New Jersey. Music scene capital of the United States next to California? Buying stupid things with my money like blow. No, I'm kidding. Like sunglasses.

Likes: Drums, Sleeping, Sunglasses, Sweet Hair that doesn't look like mine, being comfortable, I use to play violin, and the only way you will ever get me to play again is if you get me really loaded, solving really big math problems (shut the hell up), reading only sometimes, comfortable beds, lots and lots of pillows, smoking (shut up), saying internet abbreviations outloud like stfu or lol, eating things that gross people out, screaming at the top of my lungs, drunk in public, having a band practice that is so loud that it annoys the club next to where my friend and I live. If I had a legit band. The news. Parties. Sleeping. I can't think, I'm too tired. And I think I probably have ADD haha. Thunderstorms!! I like those.

Dislikes: Crashing, people who bring up the past when it has nothing to do with the future even if the past was awesome, sleeping without my stuffed rabbit (shut the fuck up haha), the morning, waking up, the sun, really god awful bands like atreyu haha unless I'm totally loaded, people who can't talk right at all, sitting around in one spot for a long time, disgusting food. Um, if I dont like something you'll more then likely know it. Because I'm over this.

1/23/05 08:16 am - ashley_watson - Ashley Watson

Name: Ashley Danielle Watson. I prefer to be called Ash, but anything from my name will do.
Age: 21, legal to drink as if I haven't drank before.
Originally from: Italy
Home: Condo with 2 bedrooms, one isn't very clean.
Sexuality: Went for anyone avialable but now, straight.
Marital Status: Engaged to Colin.
Hobbies and Interests: Nothing of such dignity to be called an interest or hobby.
Likes: Music and many other things not worth mentioning.
Dislikes: my past, a lot.

1/19/05 12:48 pm - thewholemeg - OOC

You guys may have noticed I don't get on AIM much -- mostly because I'm doing this between classes in the library.

If anyone wants to plot/reply to Meg's post/have something happen, feel free to email me at Buffy24601@aol.com or reply to this post. I'm so tired of Meg not being able to interact with people just because I'm not on AIM. O_o

I do miss you lovelies, but there are some times I just can't get on. And I don't want my char to suffer because of it.

1/16/05 08:06 pm - gabriel_morbidi

Out Of CharacterCollapse )

1/16/05 07:20 pm - rue_brecca - Rue Brecca

Name: Rue Gabrielle Brecca

Age: 19

Originally from: United Kingdom

Home: South Side, a shabby apartment with a pervert above and a noisy family of like, eight below.

Family: I don't speak to them anymore, except for my brother but he's an aid worker in Africa.

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies and Interests: My son; Aidan.

Likes: Music, days off, nights off, silence, chocolate (though I don't get the chance to eat/drink it much), friends, straightedge, things that are inexpensive, the library of angelus, the opera, museums, art galleries, warmth, rain when its sunny, a fire inside, the Winged Apollo, The Fracture

Dislikes: Where I live, Aidan's babysitter, working three jobs to make ends meet, the entire south side, drugs, drink, smoking, paying the rent, the cold, winter, assholes, racists, paedophiles, the pervy old man who lives above me and takes a great interest in everything I do for all the wrong reasons

1/12/05 10:21 pm - cade_phillips - Cade Phillips

Name: Tommy 'Cade' Phillips

Age: I lost count.

Originally from: Fuck off.

Home: Yes, I have one.

Sexuality: Not even going to dignify that with a fucking answer.

Marital Status: No comment.

Hobbies and Interests: You'll find out soon enough.

Likes: Lots.

Dislikes: A fuckload more.
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